Hello! I’m Yemisi Blake


Poetry International Blog Session 216

Hello people!

My name is Yemisi Blake, I’m a Freelance Creative living in London. I’m currently an Emerging Artist in Residence at the Southbank Centre. Over the last few weeks I’ve been creative mentor to Gizella Ojadi, (a young woman on the Street Genius Project who has programmed the Poetry International Opener), I’ve also been blogging mentor to a group of young bloggers from the same project. Look out for their posts!

During the festival I’ll be bringing to the blog:

My thoughts and responses to the programmed events

Archive footage from the Poetry International 2006

Photos, videos and audio captured during my time mentoring the a group of young bloggers for the festival.

Comments on other people’s blog posts.

See you soon!


One Response to “Hello! I’m Yemisi Blake”

  1. George Ttoouli Says:

    Hi Yemisi!

    Great to catch up with you online – hope to see you at a few of the events… I’ll be swooping down on London this evening.

    Just listening to the Armitage poem from 2006 you posted – great stuff.



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