You know, I forgot to do all that… and my blog name is not the same as my sidebar name! Becauase I already had a WordPress account. I’m Katy Evans-Bush, a poet and freelance writer living in London.

My first collection, Me and the Dead, was published in the summer by Salt. My blog, Baroque in Hackney, is largely about poetry but more about the condition of being a writer, or being the kind of person who is a writer, I guess: noticing things across the state of the culture and as I go about my days. I have three kids who make their appearances regularly, with a cast of supporting teenage girls.

I write reviews and essays for a number of publications, including Poetry London magazine and the Contemporary Poetry Review. (One of the first things I wrote for them – no, the first thing – was an essay on Michael Donaghy, not long after he died. I’ll be approaching Sean O’Brien’s lecture on Sunday with a careful tread and a heavy heart. As I suppose many people will.)

And that’s probably enough about that. I’ll be at the Southbank Centre for much of the weekend; if I can find some WiFi I may even get some blogging in between events. I hope to see some of you there!


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