Blake Sunday


Hi, my name is Samara Straker and I’m interested in poetry and music which is why I’m here. Yesterday, I went to the Blake Sunday event which was very good. However, we were late for the journey and we almost searched the whole of the River Thames for the Blake talk. Along our way, (I was with my other friend Mickel and organiser of the event Lucy and also some other man who was late and decided to tag along) We encountered some very strange things, you know how you walk down London Bridge and sometimes there are some very strange acts, well yeah, that’s sort of what happened. See what can happen when you’re late?!

I was going to break, for William Blake

and then some man was coming along

we were walking and two others joined us

so we went on and on

we eventually joined to a long line

and said Hi to five others

we saw ten more in the Blake talk

and decided to follow each other


One Response to “Blake Sunday”

  1. Yemisi Blake Says:

    Hey Samara,
    Congrats on your first blog post!
    Nice poem!

    You guys made my day today! So happy that you’re enjoying blogging.


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