The First Night (not in that way silly hehe)


Wooow, so much to take in on one night, but i guess that’s the beauty of it all. Can’t say there’s nothing to talk about. lol. Reem was incredibly energetic which is what the audience needed to get them up and jumping and excited about the festival. A powerful voice with a powerful soul. The John Berger event was quite interesting actually. I didn’t expect them to speak so much about how poetry affects our society worldwide, but it was nice to hear that people think of it as more than just a hobby. There are a couple of quotes I took away from the John Berger event but I can only remember one, which was: “Acca, the oldest of the most beautiful cities, the most beautiful of the old cities.” I very much like the use of words in that sentence.

And Reem Kelani, I can still remember some of the little scales and catchy riffs from her set. It was enjoyable being there but it’s just as good watching the videos. I’ll share my very fun experience with you. 😀


5 Responses to “The First Night (not in that way silly hehe)”

  1. Yemisi Blake Says:

    Hey Gizella,

    It was a fantastic night, thanks so much for asking me to host.
    I hope you didn’t get any video of me singing. Let’s not let the world know about that one.


  2. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Hey Gizella

    Do you have any video of Yem singing?

    The world so wants to know about that one.


  3. gizellaojadi Says:

    Lol. actually, one of my friend’s thinks you can sing, n so do I. Now u said that i’m gonna make it a mission to find that clip. mwahahahaha.

  4. Yemisi Blake Says:

    Good luck, I have my official Southbank Centre secret agents on the case.

  5. Rachel Holmes Says:

    GZLA – how you doing finding that footage of Yem singing?

    The world is still waiting for that one.


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