Hey teacher…


The political mishmash that has my country down on its knees has led to the collapse of the education system, just as health and finance are also adversely affected. Schools teachers, the lowest paid in the country now, have deserted their jobs (and students), for the Diaspora, or just to sit at home, preferring unemployment to reward-less toil.

The fact that the school teacher has suddenly become the poorest, and the uneducated the rich, means that there has been a total erosion of the value of education in the country, because now the belief goes – why be educated when in the end you are going to be dirt poor with all your certificates?

What is the affected school teacher saying about all this? I wrote the poem WHEN IT TALKED, to take a poke at him or her, because I strongly believe that the future of the world lies in the school teacher’s hands, and if she/he is not taking action to correct this nonsense, what is to become of us…?

The Day It Talked

Hey teacher

Please listen to this picture-

Where are you hiding these days

Please tell your former student

For, I remember, sir photosynthesis,

The hiding you used to give me



Tips of fingers

A slap

Switch on buttocks

And I would dance

And dance and danc

And curse your mother

And father

Who gave birth

To such a callous person

Big red bhabhalazi eyes

But yet so brave

As to punish

Another man’s child-

But now I realize

It was only a gun

Wearing a condom


Which change

Were you trying to change

Higher than the change

That makes you skulk at corners

And queue at the money lenders

On SSB day

Or the useless bank

The whole day


You have nothing on your payslip

Please envy the mu Postori

Who calculate trillions on their fingers

Who have opened banks in their houses

-education is important

-education is important


Tell me dear teacher

Are you waiting for Jehovah

To bring about the change

That makes your heart nearly seize

And your thoughts go astray

When you envision

In your dreams

Whilst hoping

into the back of a cheap truck

Because you cannot afford the commuter Kombi

The house you thought you would build

The car you thought you would buy

The holiday

You thought you would take

In Victoria Falls

The Sychelles

When you were still fresh from college

Spirit of this class

Through rain or glass

I fling chalk dust into the mirror

And bid words hither

To create themselves on the reflection

And walk on their minute spirals

Back to the school assembly point

One Response to “Hey teacher…”

  1. George Ttoouli Says:


    Well said Chris!

    And that’s alongside the fact that the government is trying to force more and more people to stay in education – but who’s going to teach them now? And how are they supposed to pay for the fees if they aren’t going to be able to work when they come out?

    (But you’ll have to teach me a few things about the poem – what is an SSB day? And mu Postori? I’m guessing Kombi means ticket!)

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