The Southbank is SPEECHless


SPEECHless is a unique international performance poetry project, and starting in October, Apples & Snakes and the British Council Literature Department will take Speechless around the UK. The project will tour eight venues in the UK and aims to foster the interaction between the poets and young people in Britain – specifically the Diaspora – through community and university workshops.

Speechless has been created out of the success of Animating Literature – the performance poetry workshops which took place in South East Asia from 2005 in collaboration with Apples & Snakes (the UK’s leading organisation for performance poetry).

The current initiative is designed to develop the role of performance poetry in five Asian countries and to give greater exposure to the very best of East Asia’s next generation of performing poets. The project aims to create a bridge between Asian authors and British writers, and develop their skills as individual poets.

Funded in part by Arts Council England, each performance features a 10 minute selection from: Priya K (Malaysia), Siege Malvar (Philippines), Pooja Nansi (Singapore), Liu Liang Yen (Taiwan), Da Thao Phuong (Vietnam) and UK artists Francesca Beard, Malika Booker, Aoife Mannix and Jacob Sam-La Rose, based around the theme of freedom of expression.

The UK tour marks the close of a multi-faceted project which has already toured overseas. A lasting network of performance poets has been built through an investment in education and skills development.

October 30: London, 7.45pm at Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London SE1 8XX
Tickets: £8.50
Book: 0871 663 2500 /

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Siege. I’m part of the Speechless gang. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the Purcell Room of the Southbank Centre tomorrow evening. There are 5 of us artists from Southeast Asia, and 4 UK-based artists in Speechless, and we’ve spent quite some time developing the pieces we’ll be showcasing.

See you then!!!


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