Free at Last


Oh God almighty we are free at last,

although this comment is debatable. I think that humanity is going somewhere, on the verge to the path of light… whatever that means?? Lol. But seriously I think we seem more spiritual than we were a decade ago (that’s what i think anyway!) I was very impressed with the talent of poet Zena Edwards performance at Africa Beyond on Tuesday. Free at last because of her expression to freely express herself. The singer is Angela Caesar. (Sorry bout the whispering in clip below, my fiend’s just wouldn’t stop nattering)

2 Responses to “Free at Last”

  1. Amina Says:

    I sooo agree with the fact that we’re on the cusp of something new, something higher and deeper!! Would love to chat about it further! Aminax

  2. Samara Says:

    Yah, Amina ever1’s saying that I think the world is changing for the better and we on to something deeper and more refreshing, you can feel it

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