So Much Power in so Young Voices (Power in the voice) The Saints


power in the voice you know that was a serious event for young and old people because it shows how talent can be used in so many different ways you either stay true to what you do or you follow others who speak negative and portray a bad image, but the Saints came on the stage with mind blowing poetry,mcing, and rap but thats not all they were true, positive and proud of what they had to show the audience. in this day and time it is hard to find a group of black boys on stage skanking (dancing) to a beat instead of being on road getting ready to shank (stab) someone.

i have to say i found inspiration in the youngest people i have heard on the mic today, i was brought up where rapping and mcing is something big but everyone involved stories of how they hurt some other person or how bad they can be into their lyrics, the Saints did something i have never seen done before it’s one thing to be able to rap positively but it’s a whole new ball game if you can do that make a crowd of people feel what your saying, this is why this group will make it and this is why they are hot in this poetry international week.

here is a clip of the most outstanding performance you will come across from a group of young boys!!!


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