Interviewing Linton Kwesi Johnson


This was a proud moving moment for me i had sat next to a king, someone who had opened up the doors for many a generations to flood onto the scene of poetry and spoken word, i could not believe how close i was to such a respected man, for the whole event i was sitting right next to Linton Kwesi Johnson it made my week because all i knew about him was how great he is i mean if you were sitting next to someone you never knew much about wouldn’t you feel like a fan??

well i certainly did because the moment i saw him walk towards the empty sit next to me i felt a overwhelming presence from that point i knew i would be enlightened from his words on stage, okay it was probably a technical sitting fault that he was sitting besides me but hey there most have been a bit of destiny out into it as well.

When it was all over i literally leaped on my chance to get an interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson and well it was fantastic!!!

heck if don’t believe me here is proof of my efforts!!


2 Responses to “Interviewing Linton Kwesi Johnson”

  1. Yemisi Blake Says:

    Michael Oladeji,

    You are a total blogger superstar.
    What a fantastic interview, one of the best I’ve heard with Linton.
    And fantastic that you got him to give a few words of inspiration to young writers and young people in our city.

    Great work, truly inspirational.

    See you soon,


  2. Looking for 16-22 year olds for London Literature Festival 2009 « Literature & Spoken Word Community | Southbank Centre Says:

    […] to hear from you. There’s also the chance to get involved with blogging. You can listen to an interview with dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, created by Michael Oladeji, our young Poetry International […]

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