Just a quickie as I’m finally up and running, typing with a mangled finger and gotta go cook pumpkin soup and curry goat for Halloween. Saw this show last night. It was superb. Great performances. Aoife Mannix, Jacob Sam La Rose and Siege Malvar stood out for me. Francesca Beard – who was also the dramaturge – beguiling as ever. Liked the love song. Siege particularly lived up to his name with his sharp satire on the the good ole WAT with his kindergarten prep talk for class president/class war amongst groups Oranges, Banana and Apples (plus Snakes) – you were either with him or against him. We [don’t really] like it like that. The grey area was also covered by the audience participation survey Pie Chart where audience diversity was put to the test. Who’s born in the UK? A good 60 per cent of the room. Who has both parents born in the UK? Cut the number by half. Grandparents and the figures diminished accordingly.

The show also explored our relationship with language and how that shapes our identity. One question FB asked the audience was how many languages could people speak. One woman who spoke four said she felt different with each language. It changed her personality. I know what she means. I had tentatively raised my hand as I speak basic Spanish. But, eh hombre, cuando hablo espanol, me siento diferente tambien. Es el ritmo – ah – running out of vocab – y otras cosas mysterioso. I’d like to get good enough to write poetry in Spanish, just to see how it feels. I’d definitely like to see one of my poems translated into Spanish and translate one from. Any Spanish poets out there fancy a translation swap lmk.

The structure of the show was strong too. The acts were diverse – not just geographicaly – but in terms of tone, thematics, style and delivery.

I’ll say more later – I’ve got to put gungo peas on to boil and I can hear the phone ringing…


3 Responses to “Speechless”

  1. Siege Malvar Says:

    Ola, senyorita Karen! Muchas gracias por las palabras maravillosas! How did the curry goat go? 🙂

  2. Greetings from Homeroom Security « SPEECHLESS Says:

    […] “Superb… Great performances.The structure of the show was strong […] The acts were diverse.” – Karen McCarthy. […]

  3. Karen McCarthy Says:

    The goat was tender! The soup sagey (him indoors said ‘bland’ – pah – Heinz tomato heading his way…)Saturday I was gutted to miss the finale but we drove down to the coast to see my granddad in hospital and couldn’t make it back in time. Did you go? How was it?

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