In May of this year, a few days after the launch of my first book, a short story collection titled DANCING WITH LIFE AND OTHER SHORT STORIES (, a stage play I co-wrote with a fellow writer, and titled THE CROCODILE OF ZAMBEZI, was banned by our government a day after the opening night, but after the production manager had been abducted by two secret police, taken to the bush out of the city and tortured. 


     PEN American Center – Rapid Action Alert Archive

 – Oct 29

PEN strongly protests attacks against the cast and crew of satirical play The Crocodile of Zambezi and its banning by the police in Bulawayo. – 42k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this


The poem I am posting today, which I wrote last night, has been inspired by this incident, and the power sharing deal between our ruling party and our two main opposition parties, of which we are still waiting the results of, after two long and nerve wracking months…we are fed up!




It is very silent

On the surface

Of the Zambezi River

But deep underneath

A cyclone surges

Threatening to erupt

And engulf us once again

In vengeful crocodiles

And dawn disappearances





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One Response to “MORNING CALL”

  1. bevaristo Says:

    Chris! Good to hear about your book publication and sorry and shocked to hear about your play being banned. I will check it out on PEN.
    Keep in touch.

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