Fantastic Poetry Event


Well guys, it has been a fantastic poetry event, that has even inspired my poetry:

Poetry. The bible. A metaphoric title
an idol for religion and those stuck in denial,
defile, the story,
of man made in their glory
and pour me a glass of Jesus’ wine.
Where is the swine?
There’s a fine line bewteen an eye for an eye
a bigger line between a truth and a lie,
so take that literally
but take metaphoric,
where we weren’t in history,
where we weren’t at the dawning,
when Adam and Eve was still forming
but we draw false conclusions about the morning.


One Response to “Fantastic Poetry Event”

  1. Yemisi Blake Says:

    Hello Samara,
    Thanks for posting your poem.
    Glad you felt inspired during the festival.
    I want a free copy of your book when it’s out, yeah!
    See you soon,


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