it’s a good farewell for now!!


hey everyone it’s micheal, just want to say it was a real good experience being intangled into the poetry international event and i would like to thank all the staff at southbank for being bright and wonderful to us blogger’s even though we came and invaded your space lol nah not really, i woyld like to thank yemisi and lucy because they are fantastic people who lead me to find inspiration i will keep in touch.
poetry international was a touching week for me i have never been more inspired!
in the space of a week i have learnt more about spoken word and poetry which has boost my levels a bit higher thanks to all the artist and performers there!!

see you all in a not to distant future peeps!!!

come on poetry!!!!

yeah!!!! yeah!!!


3 Responses to “it’s a good farewell for now!!”

  1. Street Genius Says:

    Michael it’s been a real pleasure and privilege working with you. thanks for your final post here, and I hope you keep on blogging! Lucy

  2. Siege Malvar Says:

    We can still keep this blog running, can’t we? One World, One Web, Poetry!

  3. chrismlalazi Says:

    Siege has a good point…

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