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Poetry Library Tour – Michael Oladeji & Chris McCabe

November 4, 2008

One of the great things about Poetry International this year is that the Street Genius placements not only got to experience new poets, but they also met the people being the poems, poets, programmers and also librarians. This video is part of an interview between Michael Oladeji and Chris McCabe from the Poetry Library.


Clips from Opener

November 3, 2008

Here are some videos and audio of the night (24th October, Poetry Opener). A few poems read by Street geniuses and Reem Kelani, a solo by Bruno Heinen, and Reem getting her mic fixed, while she was onset. 😀 Enjoy!

Poetry International Opener (Reem Kelani A stunning performance)

October 31, 2008

Micheal here, reporting live and out loud from the south bank centre on the fantastic events of poetry international!!

First of all, i would just like to thank everyone that participated over the past days at the south bank all the singers,writers,poets,bloggers and most of all the public, thank you all for the support, energy and views.

Okay now it’s down to business!!

The first night of poetry international was a vibrant well collaborated start to a celebration of different cultures.

the energy and excitement was electric you could feel volts bounce through your body as Reem Kelani worked the stage with her powerful voice projecting her thoughts and songs aloud to the audience the Palestinian singer engaged and included the crowd with an uproar of cultural difference the wild clapping and stomping was enough to set a weary heart ablaze, she danced she jumped about walked through the audience what more could you ask for, really a woman so strong and passionate about what she can do deserves a place in the hall of fame.

Reem Kelani thank you for a spectacular evening!

here is a response to the performance that i edited listen carefully and you will catch a bit of gizella blended in the excitement.

Lemn Listening & Bloggers Eating

October 30, 2008

Hello people,

Here’s my video diary from last night. Enjoy!

Festival Opener – A Visual Response from Creative Connection

October 26, 2008

Here’s a video of the Creative Connection response to the Poetry International Festival event with Reem Kelani.

Thanks again to Tim & team for capturing the event in such beautiful pictures.

Michael Oladeji on the Southbank Centre 15.10.08

October 26, 2008

Here’s Michael (Street Genius Blogger) speaking after a tour of the Southbank Centre.

Mark Doty reading from Theories & Apparitions

October 26, 2008

Hello people!

Here’s a clip from Mark Doty’s reading last night. The pictures you can see feature some of our bloggers in residence, George, Sara and Swithun.